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Agua Potable de la humedad del aire, Water from the humidity in the air

Clean water, producing water from the air humidity

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Nationalism is Modern Tribalism… and still as brutal!

The rising conflicting between Russia and Ukraine reminds me of how much I blame nationalism as a fundamental evil of humanity. Likely born long before we even came down from the trees, humans have an ingrained instinctive desire to form

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The Gender Equality Test

Modern Feminism, Egalitarianism and Humanism all converge on the ideal gender equality. All these agree on gender equality being a goal, but few adherents have more than a vague understanding of what gender equality is. For that I have a

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The Future is Automated (Part 1)

The standard Anti-Luddite argument is that as jobs are taken by automation in one field people start working in another field. This is reasonably backed by history but there is no evidence to assume it will hold true indefinitely and

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RuBisCO: Natures Most Horrible Mistake

No I’m not making up words. RuBisCO is the arguably most important enzyme on the planet, its function is the first step in the capturing of carbon dioxide in plants in order to make biological matter, ergo it is where

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