The Gender Equality Test

Modern Feminism, Egalitarianism and Humanism all converge on the ideal gender equality. All these agree on gender equality being a goal, but few adherents have more than a vague understanding of what gender equality is. For that I have a simple test:

1. Take any situation, lets say for example: “Women slaps her husband for cheating on her”

2. Give it a moral value: “how right or wrong is this situation?”

3. Keep everything the same, but reverse the genders: “Man slaps his wife for cheating on him”

4. Give this second situation a moral value.

5. Compare the moral value of the two situations. If they are the same to you, if they are equally right or equally wrong, then that is gender equal. If they are not the same to you then you don’t believe in gender equality.

It is really that simple!

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